3D Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

Digitize your indoor and outdoor spaces and processes using new and innovative state of art technology. Document of building for safety, insurance, construction planning and monitoring, facility management, plant planning & logistics, visitor services, multi-channel retailing and many more - increasing revenues and cutting cost by millions every day.

Natural resources and Environmental mapping

Specialist consultancy group knowledgeable in providing Geological, Environmental, Geospatial and Data analytical services.

Environmental monitoring

Offer comprehensive geoscience knowledge and provide our clients with valuable insight into all aspects of Climate, Land and water monitoring and management.

Data analytics

Provide ready support to your organization in enhancing the functionality and quality of your Geospatial data.


Geoscience Consulting Pte Ltd
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Geoscience Consulting Pvt Ltd
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Arakkonam - 631001,
Tamil Nadu,
Email: raju@geoscience.co.in