3D Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

Digitize your indoor and outdoor spaces and processes using new and innovative state of art technology. Document of building for safety, insurance, construction planning and monitoring, facility management, plant planning & logistics, visitor services, multi-channel retailing and many more - increasing revenues and cutting cost by millions every day.

Natural resources and Environmental mapping

Specialist consultancy group knowledgeable in providing Geological, Environmental, Geospatial and Data analytical services.

Environmental monitoring

Offer comprehensive geoscience knowledge and provide our clients with valuable insight into all aspects of Climate, Land and water monitoring and management.

Data analytics

Provide ready support to your organization in enhancing the functionality and quality of your Geospatial data.


             Our team are high level professionals, Engineers, GIS Application Experts and Data Analyst who are very well trained to deliver quality and oriented on results. The team is well qualified staff and experience in handling latest state of art technologies and capacity to deliver results that provide scientific results for clients.. Each member of our team operate with a compelling urge to empower the needs of clients by using state-of-the-art geographic standards, technologies and tools.


  • Prof Eckehard Steinbach, Chair Media Technology, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
  • Dr. Peter Urich , Managing Director of CLIMsystems Ltd, New Zealand.
  • Prof Dr GuenterStrunz , Head, Department of Georisks and Civil Security, German Aerospace Center (DLR).
  • Dr Andres Ludovic , Geomatics and Geospatial specialist. University of Nice, France.
  • Prof Nitin Kumar Tripathi , Professor, School of Engineering and Technology (SET), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

Collaborators and Partners